Kevin the Peacock of Circle C Ranch

Authors: Dr. J and Pet Business Writers

It’s rare to find a “pet” not listed on a pet client’s account when I arrive at their house. So, imagine my surprise when I encountered a peacock in a Circle C client’s backyard!

Meet Kevin, the Peacock of Circle C Ranch. He’s a male blue, or Indian, peacock. And he’s single, calling loudly for a harem of peahens so they can make some peachicks together.

Kevin has been roaming around Circle C Ranch in Southwest Austin, Texas, for several years. Rumor has it someone named him after the large, colorful bird in the Pixar movie “Up!” (And a quick Google search reveals he’s not the only Kevin the Peacock!)

Kevin makes himself at home in Circle C neighborhood yards and on rooftops, belting out his loud peacock call for all to hear. Some neighbors feed him, and a few provide him with warm shelter on cold winter days. He’s spent time in several heated garages with food and water. Free room and board for simply being so beautifully handsome!

A peacock’s train feathers are each tipped with an iridescent eyespot ringed with blue and bronze.  Photo by Mansoor Ejaz, 2020

A peacock’s train feathers are each tipped with an iridescent eyespot ringed with blue and bronze.  Photo by Mansoor Ejaz, 2020

If Kevin were a pet, how would I care for him? So, as any professional pet sitter would do, I researched and found the following interesting facts about Kevin the Peacock.

  • Peacocks are members of the pheasant family. They are ground-living birds that prefer to run instead of fly. However, they can fly short distances to escape from predators or reach their night roosts.
  • Peacocks are terrestrial omnivores, and grains are their most common food. However, they also feed on fruits, seeds, flowers, leaves, insects, amphibians, and reptiles, such as snakes and lizards.
  • Domesticated peacocks can live up to 50 years in captivity. They are very social, and the tame ones like Kevin usually enjoy interacting with humans. I believe Kevin has found his “bevy” (peafowl name for family) with the humans of Circle C Ranch!

I’m no peahen, but Kevin won me over with his impressive peacock dance display!

Kevin the Peacock is looking for love! When he elevates his tail feathers it elevates his elongated train feathers and brings them forward. The tail feathers vibrate making a rustling sound and gives the train feathers a shimmering appearance. Video by Dr. J’s Pet Services, LLC, 2022


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